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4.4National day of mourning

2020New year everything is so extraordinary, During this time we have witnessed too many incredible、Witnessed many miracles: Construction of the "Vulcan Mountain"、"Thor Mountain" hospital; A large number of medical personnel rushed to volunteer Hubei; Governments and tissue donation prevention and control materials; Provincial long-distance closed around the province、Train implementation Gezuo,Flight time limit; City seal seal seal Village district; Implementation of health code around,Delayed return to work、School; Driving School Network,Home Office business cloud conference,Nails、Tencent conferencing platform became a nightmare for students each employee; Implementation of measures floating population isolation 14 days; Even entrance-month extension; And the gradual improvement in domestic outbreak,Each batch of front-line staff return,Gradually shift the prevention and control of foreign imported cases。 Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, A tribute to every Chinese person unknown dedication paid,May the epidemic at an early date in the past,Mountains and rivers unharmed,春暖花开! 新冠战役,both you and me!

Wuhan Come on!

2019Since December,Wuhan, Hubei ongoing influenza-related disease surveillance and,Viral pneumonia cases found that more than,It was diagnosed as viral pneumonia / lung infection 。 Pneumonia epidemic novel coronavirus infection affects people nationwide,Help each other、United、Overcome difficulties,Wuhan rush to the rescue together。I believe in the Party Central Committee、Under the leadership of the State Council,Epidemic prevention and control will be able to win this battle without smoke。Wuhan Come on!

20th anniversary of Macao's return

"One country two systems" development of new initiatives (Lotus in full bloom·Truth xx) this year, December 20,Macau will celebrate the 20th anniversary of reunification。20Years,In support of the central government and the people,Macao SAR government united the community,Fully and accurately understand and implement the "one country two systems" principle,Firmly safeguard the authority of the Constitution and the Basic Law,Resolutely safeguard national sovereignty、Safety、Development interests,Adhere to tradition of loving the motherland Australia's core values,To promote rapid economic growth in Macau、Continuous improvement of people's livelihood、Social stability and harmony,To show the world the "one country two systems" in Macao has a successful practice characteristics。 Likes to watch the brilliant,Looking to the future,We have confidence in "one country two systems" great cause,Confidence in Macao's future。On the occasion of the eve of the 20th anniversary of Macao's return,Newspaper launched a set of feature articles from today,To mark the anniversary and congratulations,To readers。 Ruins of St. Paul,Macao's landmark。It has witnessed history,Also watching the moment。every day,Here it is full of laughter visitors。It is like a window Macau,Through here,The whole world to see a free and cheerful、Beauty and comfort of Macau。 "Now we see the Ruins of St. Paul,Think of food beauty of Macau。But 20 years ago,If the TV screen appeared Ruins,Everyone's first reaction is that Macau is not another accident。"Turning to the eve of the return of Macau,Macao Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese president Liu Yiliang sad to say,that time,Kidnap、Violent crime incidents flooded the streets of Macau,Local economic downturn、High unemployment、Insecurity,No tourists willing to Macao Tourism。 now,The face of enormous changes occurring in Macau。Since 1999 December 20 return to the motherland,Macao's sustained and rapid economic growth,All-round progress,Continuous improvement of living,Maintain social harmony and stability。All this thanks to the "one country two systems" successful practice in Macau。